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back t jammin with niall and josh !

niall says hey to every1 :) 

goodbye x

nextchapteroflife asked
I absolutely cannot wait until you come to Canada in 4 days! Although I wasn't able to get tickets for this upcoming concert, I'LL SEE YOU IN 2013 <3 :) 407 more days LOL xx

see ya babe :) xx

z-shiva asked
Zayn, I love you. If I ride the subway (NYC train system) in a wedding dress to your hotel, can I propose to you?

whoa thatd be a bit interesting t see aha but sure , why not ;) x

audann asked
do you know some french?

un peu ? did that make sence ahaha xx

wanderlustmist asked
Niall's sitting next to you?!?! Tell him I said hi and that I love him <3 :] WELL, I LOVE ALL OF YOU. Even though I don't really know you know you. But I wish I did :[

and our drummer joshy aha :) xx

Anonymous asked
What's the most embarrassing thing a fan said/did to you?

well it wasnt as embarrassing for me as it probly was for her.. but a girl fainted at one of our signings aha xx

Anonymous asked
You should have Niall make a tumblr!

i was actually gon do that aha mayb next week :)x

shirtlesszayn asked
marry me.

if you say so x

allonsy-geronimo11 asked
Will you and the boys ever come to Alberta, for your Albertan Directioners? PLEASE!? We're stuck in the middle here, we cant go to Vancouver or to the eastern side of Canada :(

hopefully one day ! :D xx

swag-levels-maximized asked
who has the worst handwriting out of all of the guys?

in my opinion… id say like niall (only because hes sitting with me right now aha) or even me :)x